Front squats with barbell
Front squats: develop the front of the leg muscles
Date published: December 24, 2021. Front squats are a variation of the barbell squat.
Electrodes for recording an electrocardiogram
Bringing your arms together in a crossover: variations of the exercise while standing and lying down, technique and features
Rice. 3-3. Metal electrodes are used to record an electrocardiogram. The electrode on the right leg performs the function
20 minutes for thighs and buttocks. Exercises for hips and buttocks: 20 minutes a day to keep your body in great shape
To achieve beautiful shapes in the hips and buttocks, you need to choose effective exercises to reduce
How to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar beyond your limit
Push-up program: how to do it correctly? Push-ups are an effective, versatile and powerful exercise.
back strengthening exercises
8 Forward Bends for All Practice Levels
Standing forward bends are one of the important exercises for strengthening the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and biceps.
The best exercise machines for the back and spine: review, types, features of choice and reviews
Exercise machines and their benefits In the modern rhythm, it is very difficult to adhere to a calm rhythm and schedule.
principle of operation
Rowing machine: working muscles, technique and benefits
What muscles work? The main advantage of the exercise is the connection to the work of many muscles (even those
How to increase the size of the pectoral muscles for a man
How to pump up your chest muscles. 6 effective programs We have to disappoint you right away, there is no universal
Oblique crunches
Oblique twists: benefits and technique
Oblique crunches on the abs: benefits and contraindications Despite the name, when performing oblique crunches
There are several ways to perform a proper seated dumbbell curl. Correct execution is considered to be one in which only the necessary muscle groups are involved, and there is no excessive load on the elbow and shoulder joints or the spinal column.
Arm exercises for women - biceps and triceps program
August 27, 2015 Admin Home page » Biceps The completely correct lifting technique is described
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