The Egoscue Method: 6 Exercises for the Neck and Mid-Back

  • Features of back training
  • Back exercises
  • Safety in back training
When it comes to working on specific muscle groups, what comes to mind is pumping up your biceps or triceps, shaping your abs, or working your chest muscles. Should we forget that the back muscles are one of the largest in our body, and that without attention to them it will not be possible to become the owner of an athletic figure?

to training your back , if not during every lesson, then with enviable regularity. What exercises should you use as a basis? How to do them correctly? And what else, besides hard work in the gym, affects the relief of the back muscles?


  • 1 Middle of the back - what is it?
  • 2 Features of training: grip, amplitude, weight
  • 3 Exercises to develop the muscles of the middle back 3.1 T-bar barbell row
  • 3.2 Row of two dumbbells to the waist from a bent-over position
  • 3.3 Lower block row on the simulator
  • 3.4 Crossover

Video: back training

Features of back training

Back and trapezius workout

Back muscles

Published: September 10, 2014





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Back, back...

Agree that a beautiful back with good muscle tone looks simply amazing.

And it doesn’t matter who – men or women.

When men have been doing strength training for about 6-9 months, “unexpectedly” they discover that any jacket they wear fits well and emphasizes their masculinity.

Previously, one jacket would not fit because it was small, then another would not fit because it was too big, etc.

And the women! In the most revealing dresses they are now starting to look fantastic.

What will a man notice when a woman wears a revealing dress?

Of course, most will say - on the décolleté area

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