How to strengthen your arm muscles? Exercises with dumbbells for girls

Since the volume of the triceps (the muscles on the back of the arm) exceeds the total volume of the biceps (the muscles on the front), chronic lack of activity leads to loss of tone - and characteristic sagging tissue. In order to restore elasticity, training is necessary.

Moreover, if men dream of pumped up biceps, women are usually afraid that physical exercise will make their arms excessively large. In this material, we will look at a strategy for strengthening the muscles of the arms - without giving them unwanted size.

Arm muscles - how to tighten them?

In terms of their structure, the muscles of the arms are among the most complex - in addition to the biceps and triceps, there are dozens of small muscle groups that ensure the mobility of the hand and fingers. In addition, the muscles of the arms are closely connected with the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

The arm muscles are strengthened when performing any exercises that require lifting heavy weights - both dumbbells or barbells, and other objects. In fact, the arms are involved in almost every upper body exercise, from pull-ups to push-ups.

On the other hand, in everyday life, the biceps are primarily involved in work, while the triceps receive only secondary load. It is for this reason that without the proper level of training, the muscles of the back of the arms gradually atrophy and lose their elasticity.

What sport develops your arms?

The arm muscles are actively used in sports such as swimming, rowing, volleyball, basketball, tennis and even pole dancing. However, none of these activities are capable of pumping up huge arm muscles - this will require isolation exercises with a heavy barbell.

It is important to note that it is much more difficult for girls to build large biceps than for men - primarily due to differences in hormonal levels. That is why there is no need to be afraid that doing physical exercises will create unwanted volume in your arms.

Warm up before training

What should it be like?

Like any other physical training, performing a set of exercises for the arms, according to the rules, should begin with a warm-up. Experts recommend starting with light exercises and then gradually increasing the load.

also important to always monitor your breathing , because it affects the functioning of internal organs and the condition of bone tissue when performing complex exercises.

How to do it correctly?

At the beginning, a general warm-up is carried out. Its main task is to tone the muscles, to saturate them with a large amount of oxygen. Then, you should move on to a special warm-up aimed at preparing for the complex, specifically the selected muscle group.

Before starting classes, be sure to do a warm-up to warm up your muscles and ligaments - this is necessary to prevent injuries during training.

This warm-up involves performing simple movements, repeating no more than 12 times. The main criterion when selecting a warm-up complex is its compliance with the training that follows.

When and how much?

The choice of when to perform exercises is purely individual.

The most optimal period for training is considered to be between 16 and 17 hours , since it is during this time period that for most people, the muscles become warmer and more elastic, and the tension is minimal, which makes it possible to increase the load necessary.

For some people, morning warm-up is more convenient , since it is easier to choose a time for it, and by doing exercises after sunrise, it already becomes a habit, which allows a person to more easily tune in to physical activity.

Exercises without dumbbells


The extended arm plank is an important exercise not only for strengthening the abs, but also for maintaining the tone of all the muscles of the upper half of the body. It develops the shoulder girdle, chest muscles and triceps. Note that this exercise is performed without movement - but for an amount of time.

Push-ups are a logical continuation of the plank with outstretched arms. When they are performed, the load on the triceps increases, since it is due to the strength of this muscle that the body is pushed upward. The recommended number of repetitions of the exercise is at least 5-7.

Exercise “Mill”

Starting position - standing straight, legs wide apart. Lean forward, making sure to keep your back straight. Then spread your arms to the sides and begin to reach with your left hand towards your right leg; repeat for the other side. Exercise helps strengthen posture and improves the tone of the upper half of the body.

Side plank with twist

Starting position - side plank on the elbow (left hand on the floor, right hand behind the head). Make sure that the pelvis does not drop too low, and that the load of body weight falls on the core and abdominal muscles. As you exhale, begin to stretch your upper arm towards your lower arm.

Push ups

Push-ups are one of the best ways to work the triceps muscle. Fat deposits are the first to appear in its area, so it makes sense to pay special attention to such training.

  1. Starting position: lying down, resting on your hands.
  2. Bend your arms at the count of times, lowering your body to the floor.
  3. On the count of two, return to the starting position.

If you find it difficult to do classic push-ups, you can do them on your knees.

To load your hands, your palms need to be placed as close to each other as possible. If they are located at shoulder level or even wider, the load will go into the chest.

Arm exercises with dumbbells

Triceps extensions

When performing arm exercises, it is important to remember that the main role of the triceps is to push the weight. In order to train it correctly, you need to feel the muscle working. One of the simplest exercises to help you feel this is bent over triceps extensions.

Overhead triceps extensions

Starting position: standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Take dumbbells in your hands. Raise your arms up, then lower them behind your head. Make sure that your elbows do not go to the sides - they should be close enough to your head. Perform 12-15 repetitions.

Dumbbell lateral raises

This exercise strengthens not only the arms, but also the muscles of the shoulder girdle. When performing, you must ensure that your elbows do not bend and your outstretched arms remain straight. It is also not recommended to lift the dumbbells too high.

Lifting dumbbells to the chin

Another exercise to strengthen the shoulder girdle and upper arms. Standing straight, slowly raise your arms with dumbbells up - but not higher than chest level. Make sure you feel the muscles engaging in the work - rather than just mechanically lifting and lowering the weight.

One-arm dumbbell press

When performing this exercise, the biceps and shoulder muscles are included in the work. Standing straight, one arm extended to the side, the other holding a dumbbell (at neck level). As you exhale, slowly lift the weight up until your arm straightens, then lower the weight. Perform 12-15 times for each side of the body.

What you need to know about arm training?

  • Any workout will become many times more effective if you follow a proper nutrition regimen. If your arms are noticeably full, then be sure to turn to a diet. After all, only with an integrated approach will you achieve maximum results.
  • Choose the right dumbbell weight. And before you start exercising at home, be sure to consult with a sports equipment specialist or fitness trainer. It is these people who, based on your goals and needs, will determine the ideal weight of sports equipment for you.

Another good arm exercise

  • If there is no opportunity to consult, then choose dumbbells based on the following criteria: in order to simply maintain muscle tone, choose a weight that you will lift 25 times (the last 2-3 times should be hard). If your goal is more global and you plan to exercise to lose weight, then you should choose a larger weight.
  • Approach your sports activities wisely. Be sure to give your muscles rest. If you overdo it, the fat will not go away, but the workouts will get boring very quickly. Therefore, choose a reasonable option and exercise intensively 2-3 times a week.
  • Don't neglect warming up before starting classes. They warm up the muscles, making them pliable and more receptive to pumping.


If it just so happens that you don’t have the opportunity to purchase new suitable dumbbells, don’t despair. Ordinary plastic bottles that can be filled with: water (in this case the weight will be 1 kg), dry sand (full bottle = 1.5 kg), wet sand (about 3 kg) are also quite suitable for classes.

Important digression

The proposed plan is designed for 4 weeks of classes, 4 workouts every 7 days. Each session works on a different part of the body. This combination helps to build muscle mass in the shortest possible time. In addition, while one muscle group is being developed, another is being restored. This is indispensable for those who want to maintain a high level of intensity and lift heavy weights without compromising their training technique.

Each workout contains 6 exercises with dumbbells at home for men. They are divided into three supersets, which are designated as follows - 1A and 1B, 2A and 2B, 3A and 3B. In one suprset, two exercises are performed one after the other. Rest is expected only after completing all repetitions.

At the very beginning of the training, i.e. the first week, four sets of 10 repetitions are done. Then the load increases - 4 sets of 12 repetitions in the second week; 5 sets of 10 and 12 repetitions for 3 and 4 weeks respectively. In addition, in the last two weeks the pace of training changes.

Morning exercises for weight loss

Morning is our most personal time. Very soon the day will begin with renewed vigor: feed everyone, gather everyone, see them off and work, work, work. And in the evening, feed him again and put him to bed, trying his best not to look like a driven horse. Of course, even this way you can find 10 minutes for a mini-block, but it’s easier to do this at the blessed moment of the birth of a new day.

Morning exercises from Daria Lisichkina

Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will also give you much-needed vigor. No, it’s not coffee that should make you feel better (it’s so bad for the skin!), but rather simple exercises from a beautiful dancer whose figure inspires you to change. This is an incredibly positive person with whom it’s a pleasure to start the day!

So, morning exercises for weight loss:

1. First you need to stretch your spine after sleep and remove all the mini-clamps. To do this, place your feet shoulder-width apart, clasp your hands and lift it above your head. Exhale - stretch up, feeling the back, inhale - lower. Do it twice.

2. Now we align the internal organs after a long night's rest

This is especially important for women who have given birth: after pregnancy, the organs do not return completely to their previous position. Exercise: raise both arms up, without connecting, stretch first to the left, then to the right

You should feel how pleasantly the intercostal muscles stretch: first on the right, then on the left. Repeat 8 times.

3. We consolidate the effect of the previous exercise: we stretch our arms up, bend to the right with tension, and then make a relaxed movement of the body towards the left leg. The same on the other side. 4 reps.

4. Warm up the body: arms to the side at shoulder level. Right forward, left backward and vice versa. The body moves after the hands. Do 8 times.

5. It’s the turn of the joints to wake up: the legs are still shoulder-width apart, we place the arms on the waist. We shift from heel to toe and in the opposite direction. 8 times.

6. We continue to stretch our feet: rolls from left to right and vice versa. The same 8 times.

7. Place your feet together and stretch your knees. To do this, grab your knee joints with your hands and rotate them alternately to the right and left. Total - 8 times.

8. Stretch your hips: legs shoulder-width apart, arms at the waist, knees bent. We straighten our knees one by one, while making seductive movements with our hips. A bit like belly dancing, only the movements are sharper. Repeat 16 times. During exercise, blood begins to actively move throughout the body, burning fat and removing toxins.

9. We consolidate the effect. Exercise “bell”: the same as the original, only the knees are straight. The head and shoulders remain in place, the feet are “glued” to the floor, and the rest of the body swings from left to right. Repeat – 8 times.

10. The same thing, only forward and backward movements. The knees bend slightly to the beat of the exercise. 8 times. Do you feel your body warming up?

11. One more step towards slimness: the original is still the same, the head, shoulders and feet also do not move. We make smooth turns of the hips in a circle in one and the other direction. 8 each.

12. Opening the lungs: bend forward, while the arms above the head also stretch forward. The back is straight. This exercise is also good for your posture.

13. Strengthen your back: arms up in the lock, bring your chest forward and bring your shoulder blades together, then round your back. Remember this feeling, it will help you monitor your posture throughout the day.

Useful tips

To make exercises for women with dumbbells effective, follow some simple tips:
The duration of rest after each approach should not exceed half a minute. You can rest longer between exercises, but no more than 1-2 minutes. To avoid or eliminate sagging skin on your arms, stretch after each exercise. To do this, place one hand behind your back and help with the other hand, pressing on the first. The stretch should be felt. The load should be increased gradually. But when you reach the maximum number of repetitions and realize that the workouts are easy for you, increase the weight. Do you want to remove volume in the arm area? Then train at a medium pace

If you want to specifically work your muscles and make your arms sculpted, then focus on a slow pace. If the exercise is difficult for you, perform the minimum number of repetitions or whatever you can handle. Do not overexert yourself, this will have no effect, but will only provoke pain and discomfort.

Exercise regularly and you will be able to see results within two to three weeks.

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