Drying. How to get rid of fat. Part 2. Additives.

Thanks to cutting courses, bodybuilders have the opportunity to achieve beautiful muscle definition. Drying has two main goals:

  • Burning subcutaneous fat.
  • Maintaining gained muscle mass.

In bodybuilding, it is customary to distinguish two periods - mass-gaining and drying.
During weight gain, athletes use appropriate types of sports nutrition and pharmacology. In addition, you need to eat a large amount of food and no matter how hard you try, a certain amount of fat and water accumulates in the body. In order for the muscles to acquire relief and look aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to get rid of fat. Professional bodybuilders, after cutting, have no more than ten percent fat mass in their bodies. Note that today girls who want to get rid of excess fat are quite actively interested in cutting courses. However, this is a serious misconception, because the goals of cutting and losing weight courses are different. To lose weight, it is enough to use moderate physical activity and create an artificial calorie deficit by changing your nutrition program. Note that conducting a drying course is a very responsible and complex matter. To get the results they need, athletes have to use cutting steroids. It is these drugs that we will talk about today.

Best Cutting Steroids for Men

Athlete makes an injection


MasteronThis is an excellent cutting steroid that is used quite often by professional bodybuilders.
This is a rather unique drug, since its androgenic properties are high, and its anabolic activity is at an average level. Other AAS have the exact opposite ratio of these types of activity. It should also be noted that Masteron is not able to convert into female hormones under the influence of aromatase. This is the most important requirement for all cutting steroids. Under the influence of the drug, the quality of muscle relief improves, muscle hardness increases, fats are burned, and excess fluid is utilized.

If you combine the drug with a low-carbohydrate diet program and fat burners, you can achieve excellent results. It should also be noted that Masteron’s ability to stimulate the nervous system, which allows the athlete not to get so tired during exercise.

Many athletes also like Masteron because of its minimal side effects, which can only appear if the instructions for use are not followed. Masteron does not pose a danger to the liver, and its only serious side effect can be considered suppression of the pituitary arch. However, this is only possible with high dosages and long-term use. To eliminate this negative effect, you can use Gonadotropin.


TrenboloneThis is the most powerful and versatile drug.
This steroid for cutting will be as effective as for gaining weight. To obtain maximum results from its use, athletes often use protein nutrition programs. The drug is characterized by the most powerful anabolic properties, which exceed the androgenic effect on the body. At the same time, in comparison with other AAS, the androgenic properties of Trenbolone are also quite high. Since the anabolic does not aromatize, this automatically eliminates the possibility of developing estrogenic side effects. It is worth remembering that the drug is extremely powerful and should not be used by novice athletes. Trenbolone has progestogenic activity, to reduce which it is worth adding Cabergoline to the cycle.

The steroid also strongly stimulates the nervous system, which can lead to headaches and disruption of sleep patterns. With long-term use of this drug, it is necessary to additionally administer Gonadotropin to maintain the functioning of the testicles. In addition, it is not recommended to use it in combination with Clenbuterol and ephedrine-based fat burners.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate PackagingAnother great cutting steroid that will not only help you quickly lose fat, but will also allow you to gain high-quality muscle mass.
The drug is a complete analogue of the endogenous male hormone and is almost always perfectly accepted by the body. The disadvantages of the drug include aromatization. However, thanks to the use of aromatase inhibitors, this process can be controlled, and with the help of restorative therapy after the course, the pituitary arch can be returned to its previous working direction. Also, many possible side effects of the anabolic steroid can be eliminated by combining it with Stanozolol or Trenbolone Acetate.

Winstrol (Stanozolol)

WinstrolFor many bodybuilders, this drug is the “king of cutting.”
This is a strong anabolic steroid with powerful fat burning properties. Like all other cutting steroids, Winstrol has some side effects. Note that the drug is available in the form of injections and tablets. The injectable version of Winstrol is not as toxic to the liver as compared to the tablet version. Athletes should be careful with this drug, as if used incorrectly, virilization may develop. The advantage of Winstrol is its lack of tendency to aromatize. To obtain maximum results, we recommend using Winstrol with other cutting steroids that have high androgenic properties.


Oxandrolone packagingThis drug has high anabolic properties with minimal androgenic activity.
This combination of these properties makes it almost completely safe. Suffice it to say that in traditional medicine this steroid is prescribed even for children for drying. Quite often, Anavar is also used by athletes, since it is practically incapable of causing virilization. It does not convert into estrogens and extremely weakly suppresses the functioning of the testicles. Very often, pro-builders use Anavar not only for cutting, but also for bridges between strong anabolic cycles.

Popular pills for muscle mass, type and effectiveness of drugs, contraindications

Muscle enlargement pills are necessary for men and young guys who have complexes due to an unattractive shape and insufficient muscle volume. Not only women, but also men want to look their best.

Some people use various nutritional supplements, but they do not always have a beneficial effect on the body

It is important to understand that drugs can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, before using steroids, you need to undergo proper examination and consult a doctor

It is important to determine which substances are missing and focus on restoring their deficiency.

Who needs muscle building drugs?

Men who are actively involved in sports and carefully monitor their health can take the drugs. A person must be well versed in the rules of sports nutrition, train regularly and strictly adhere to the regime.

If a man works a lot, studies and does not have time to take the necessary vitamins for muscle growth, then it is allowed to take some pills and add foods with a large amount of protein and carbohydrates.

To build muscle

It is important to understand that muscles will not magically increase, drugs are not a magic cure. The pills will only help if they are combined with heavy regular training and a balanced diet.


Androgenic substances should be taken with caution; they are intended only for experienced athletes. Professionals are able to conduct the necessary sports courses and PCT therapy

Drugs of this type are potent, they can negatively affect the condition of the entire body, so before you start taking them, you need to weigh all aspects.

They also do not provide a miraculous result, everything will depend on how much time the man will spend in the gym and what kind of physical activity he will give to his muscles. In addition, properly selected nutrients can help increase muscle fibers.

Monitoring by a doctor and trainer while taking steroids is mandatory!

Common anabolic steroids

If the doctor has approved the use of anabolic drugs, you can use the most popular substances. Here are some of them:

  1. The most famous muscle-enhancing drug is methane or methandienone.
    This drug is taken by many athletes, it is the safest for the body, has a minimum of side effects and brings positive effects in a very short period of time. Also, its advantage is its attractive price, the price is accessible to everyone. A variation of methane is Danabol. Anabolic steroids
  2. A more natural component, testosterone, is also widely used. The cost of this product is low and it is very easy to use. It has been observed that testosterone does not cause any negative effects, and it is very rare that any unexpected allergic reactions occur. When taking this substance, the main thing is to calculate the dosage (in each individual case it must be selected individually) so as not to cause intoxication in the body. Simultaneously with testosterone, it is necessary to select pharmaceutical support.
  3. The next anabolic steroid, nandrolone (also known as nandrolone decanoate or deca), is used by powerlifters. Powerlifting is a strength sport that involves the athlete lifting very heavy weights. This drug helps protect ligaments and muscles from sprains and damage. Nandrolone has a number of negative reactions, for example, it causes strong changes in mood: tearfulness, irritability, aggression for no reason. This is explained by the fact that sharp jumps in prolactin occur in a man’s body. To prevent effects on reproductive function, trainers advise taking the drug along with testosterone.

Other types of sports pharmaceuticals for drying courses

We only talked about which steroids for cutting are the most effective. However, the bodybuilders' arsenal is not limited to AAS alone. There are other effective drugs that will help reduce the percentage of fat mass in the body in a short time.


Clenbuterol is a fairly strong fat burner and also helps protect muscle tissue from destruction. Thus, using Clenbuterol during cutting, athletes solve two main problems, which were mentioned above. This drug is also used in minimal doses to increase the effectiveness of training, as it can increase physical parameters.


Somatotropin or growth hormone can be an excellent tool for conducting an effective drying course. Among domestic athletes, the most popular are the Chinese-made drugs Ansomon and Jintropin. Compared to their European counterparts, these growth hormones are attractively priced and highly effective. Professional bodybuilders often use Somatotropin in a daily dosage of 30 units. However, beginner athletes should not use more than 15.


Indications for use

There are many sports supplements, their principles of action are different and the purposes for which athletes drink them differ:

  • Reduction of fat layer;
  • Muscle nutrition;
  • Replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • Blocking cortisol;
  • Production of your own testosterone;
  • Increased energy;
  • Joint protection.

Sports supplements have many supporters and opponents. They have no contraindications, so everyone decides for themselves whether they need to take it or not.

How to create the right course for drying?

Approximate course diagram for drying course
You should immediately remember that a high-quality cutting course is possible only with a combination of AAS, strength training, cardio sessions and appropriate nutrition. If you only take anabolic steroids, it will not bring the desired result, and you can only harm the body. Let's look at all the components of an effective drying cycle for men.

Steroids for cutting

AnavarDuring drying, steroids act as anti-catabolics and help accelerate the processes of reduction of adipose tissue.
The safest drugs are Testosterone Propionate, Turinabol and Anavar. When combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise program, these drugs can work wonders. Many athletes prefer to use short testosterone esters, but it is important not to have a predisposition to aromatization. Although, as mentioned above, aromatase inhibitors can be used to control this process.

Thus, one of the three cutting steroids we just talked about should be the main drug in your cycle. It also needs to be supplemented with another anabolic steroid, choosing between Stanozolol and Masteron. They have both advantages and disadvantages.

Masterolon seems to be the optimal choice, as it has fewer side effects. In addition, the anabolic steroid perfectly increases endurance and the speed of regenerative processes. In principle, you may not use the second drug, but in this case you may lose muscle mass.

Fat burners

Thanks to the fat burner, you can speed up metabolic processes and speed up the reduction of excess fluid. It is best to use supplements based on the famous ECA blend. But we do not recommend using Clenbuterol.

How it works


Athletes can’t wait to see the first results, so sometimes they resort to various illegal drugs. This approach leads to undesirable consequences.

As for sports supplements, they help speed up the process while maintaining muscle mass. But you shouldn’t expect results only with them. For maximum effect, an integrated approach is required. They will help burn excess subcutaneous fat only if you adhere to a strict diet and exercise regularly.

If you don't follow these rules, you'll be throwing money away.
Therefore, before ordering supplements, make sure you are serious about your intentions. After all, drying is stress for the body and in order to complete it, you need strong willpower. Advertising from sponsors: // // //

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