Let's start with the fact that dairy products are not considered vegan, since their production involves the exploitation of animals. Vegans choose plant-based cheeses as an alternative to animal-based cheeses. Unlike vegetarians, who do not outright refuse milk and eggs. But when choosing cheese, vegetarians still show additional selectivity. This is due to a secret ingredient that is not listed in the composition, but is extremely inhumanely extracted and used in the production of ordinary cheeses.

At the first stage of preparing cheese, it must be curdled. To speed up this process on a workshop scale, producers use rennet, an enzyme that is extracted from the stomachs of young lambs and calves. In the final product, the enzyme content does not reach 2%, therefore, according to the law, manufacturers have the right not to indicate it in the composition.

The use of the rennet curdling method is beneficial for a large producer. Under natural conditions, milk sours in a couple of days; with the help of rennet, this period is reduced to several hours. For natural and proper souring, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of 10-12 'C for 12-14 hours. This requires a significant amount of electricity and labor. Sychug removes all these questions. In addition, the shelf life of such cheese is longer.

But there is no benefit to humans in this. Rennet prevents the development of the acidic microflora of cheese, which is created by bacteria beneficial to humans. The very extraction of this ingredient is extremely inhumane. Guided by the fact that killing animals is unacceptable, vegetarians are looking for cheese that is produced without rennet.

You can try vegetarian cheese as part of frozen pizza from VITAPIZZA.

It's gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free and GMO-free, with just a 40% healthy broccoli or cauliflower base and 60% balanced filling. VITAPIZZA uses cheese curdled using an alternative method. To keep animals alive, they add an enzyme of microbiological origin that is safe for humans. You can order VITAPIZZA on Ozon.Fresh and 4Fresh (delivery is carried out in Moscow and the Moscow region).

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